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Concrete Cleaning and Sealing

Eugene, Oregon and Lane County

The SparkleWash Process

Fortunately, in most cases we can remove most stains to provide that “like new” look. We thoroughly clean the concrete using specially formulated, biodegradable, non-toxic SparkleWash cleaners. This not only removes the stains but brightens the concrete prior to sealing.

Why Seal My Concrete?

It is a fact, not somebody’s opinion that sealing concrete protects, strengthens and improves overall life and appearance. In addition to the physical properties of concrete the chemical properties are often overlooked until damage is beyond repair or expensive to rectify. In actuality, physical deterioration is usually caused by the lack of protecting the concrete’s chemical properties.

If I apply a quality sealer correctly, can I just hose off oil, dirt, grease, stains, etc?

Sometimes! Yes, sometimes, because of the many different types of surface profiles, porosity levels and length of time of stains have remained on the concrete. The answer will always be sometimes. For example, if you catch the stain early and get to it soon, high probability of success with a garden hose and mild cleaner. If it dwells for a long time, you may need to be a little more aggressive with pressure and detergents. Bottom line is you will have much better results with Seal Green in place as opposed to nothing and most temporary sealers. With Seal Green penetrating sealers, we are trying to prevent a substrate stain which is a nightmare to eliminate. Elimination of the stain without removing a mil or two of concrete while removing the blemish is the goal.

Seal Green Deep Penetrating Concrete Sealer Product Description:

Seal Green Concrete Sealer is a hi-tech penetrating clear sealer that has a modified material that “Permanently fuses” to the concrete and deters the intrusion of water, oil, gas, grease, salts and other damaging fluids. Seal Green has a 2% vapor transmission necessary for multiple freeze/thaw cycles. This vapor transmission is necessary if the substrate is to survive in winter conditions. Seal Green reacts with the lime in the concrete to form an insoluble gel as opposed to other sealers. This gel hardens and consequently densities the concrete, decreasing moisture permeability and susceptibility to damaging impurities. Seal Green is suitable as a curing agent and makes an excellent first step for the recommended two step sealing process.

Sealing Concrete with Seal Greendensifies and strengthens new concrete 10-15% and and as much as 50-65% in deteriorated concrete. It finishes the job, completes closure and chemically links with concrete substrate.

Seal Green significantly prevents intrusion of impurities:

  • Chlorides (salts, salt in the air) cause aggressive corrosion.
  • Hydro-carbons & carbonation, carbon dioxide from the atmosphere penetrates concrete, reacts, lowers ph and corrosion begins.
  • Mold, mildew, oil rust stains, acids, chemicals, sugars, fermenting liquids, animal oils urine & most stains in general.
  • ASR-Alkalis silicate reaction, pitting, flaking, scaling, aggregate popping, crazing, hairline cracks and freeze/thaw problems.

20% of concrete problems are the concrete composition, 40% is the way it is place or finished, 20% is the cure and 20% is the seal. Chemically matching the cure and seal is the most optimum protection for your concrete.

We also offer a variety of other topical sealers dependent on your needs, both solvent and water borne.

Residential Applications 

Garage Floors
Pool Decks
Foundations Walls

Commercial Applications

Parking Lots
Shopping Center
Warehouse Floors
Concrete Walls

Concrete Cleaning and Sealing Examples

Rust Removal - Before

Rust Removal - After

Bottom Section Cleaned


Call Us for a Free Estimate at 541-505-9622

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